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The Dartford

The Dartford

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Which side do you want the dartboard extension when looking at the front of the bar?

For all you darts enthusiasts, this is the yard bar for you! 

The Dartford model options are the same as our ORIGINAL COLLECTION, with an added 3' extension to house your centerpiece dartboard!  We don't supply the dart board, but will include a plywood backing where we will be happy to mount your dartboard provided you have it when we arrive to assemble the bar for you.   

Built with the best of quality, pressure treated yellow pine lumber enabling outdoor use all year round. The roof structure is a hard wearing galvanized corrugated steel.

Customization needs - no problem.  If you're interested in this product, talk to us and we'll fast track your order!  

For dimensions, be sure to visit the drawings on our ORIGINAL COLLECTION and add 3' to the width for the dartboard extension. 

And don't forget the Dartboard, add it to your cart here!

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