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Tavern-To-Grill 6' x 5'

Tavern-To-Grill 6' x 5'

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Meet the "Tavern-To-Grill"... our matching BBQ grill gazebo.  It measures 6' x 5' and is constructed of the same high quality materials used on all of our Taverns-To-Go.  

It is constructed using yellow pine pressure treated lumber.  The roof, as well as the internal face of the (3) walls are lined with corrugated galvanized steel sheeting. 

The height is approximately 92" at the highest point to the front and falls down to approximately 82" at the rear. 

This is the perfect size for any domestic BBQ grill, includes two side countertops and is complete with hooks for hanging your grilling utensils. 

More photos coming soon! 



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