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8 x 8 The Eyre Square

8 x 8 The Eyre Square

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The Eyre Square has a footprint of 8' wide x 8' deep.  This model is popular for commercial settings as well as residential backyards.  This model comes standard with two 10" wide interior countertops and we can install up to 8 back and side wall shelves.

With 14 feet of bar top, you'll comfortably seat 7+ friends.

Built with the best of quality, pressure treated lumber enabling outdoor use all year round. The roof structure is a hard wearing galvanized corrugated steel.

The highest point at the front of the Tavern is approximately 7'-8" and falls down to approximately 7'-6" at the rear. 

Customization needs - no problem.  If you're interested in this product, talk to us and we'll fast track your order!  

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