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11 x 6 Dunbar Deluxe (LARGE)

11 x 6 Dunbar Deluxe (LARGE)

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The Dunbar DELUXE comes with all that our ORIGINAL Dunbar has to offer but with the added benefit of bigger posts, header and roof framing.  Make a real impression with 6"x 6" posts in lieu of our standard 4"x 4" posts and 6" high roof framing in lieu of the standard 4".  

The Dunbar Deluxe footprint measures 10'-4" wide x 5'-4" deep.  The interior is large enough to house numerous kegerators, beer fridges and plenty of interior counter top (all sold separately). 

With 20 feet of bar top, you'll comfortably seat 10+ friends.

Built with the best of quality, pressure treated lumber enabling outdoor use all year round. The roof structure is a hard wearing galvanized corrugated steel.


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