Collection: COUNTERTOP Upgrades

As standard, our taverns come with 10" wide countertops on (3) sides. This is a perfect bar top width. However, if you would like a little extra space, especially if you plan on dining at the bar, we recommend upgrading the exterior countertop to 12".

We also include a 10" interior countertop as standard. This is where the bar tender will prepare your favorite cocktails! It's installed lower than the main countertop at approximately 33" high. If you'd like a little extra space here, especially if you want to hide an under-counter kegerator, refrigerator, etc., we recommend upgrading to the 20" wide interior countertop.

Finish it off with a removable sunken ice-bucket! We'll make the cut-out for you. It looks just like a sink, but there is no plumbing.