Long Island, NY

We Offer Outdoor Bar Sets to Long Island, NY

Serving Suffolk County and Nassau County

With over 7.6 million people residing in Long Island, NY, there is always someone around you can invite over for a nice night out at your custom tiki bar. While technically, you could visit your local bar, nothing beats sitting in your own backyard and spending time with friends. Skipping the trip to the local bar means no worrying about uninvited guests, an unruly crowd, the bar television not playing your preferred station, the television volume being too quiet, watered-down drinks, and other complications that could ruin your night. In your backyard, you are in charge. You can have the drinks you want, the people you want, and maybe go for a swim or sit by the fire.

As long as you have a custom tiki bar to gather around, your backyard can become your friends’ favorite spot in Long Island, NY. Lucky for you, Taverns-To-Go has an outdoor bar set perfect for your space. Because our wooden outdoor bars are customizable, it is easy to adjust your bar to fit your property. Be sure to visit our gallery to get an idea of how much our wooden outdoor bars can be customized.

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If you are eager to spend your evenings relaxing at your custom tiki bar, be sure to order yours at Taverns-To-Go. For those in the Long Island, NY area, not only can you get our custom tiki bars and outdoor bar sets delivered, but once they arrive, our professionals will set them up for you. Within about 90 minutes, we can have your new favorite spot all set up. We welcome you to place your order today or give us a call if you have any questions.